Monday, May 02, 2011

Puffins and plants!

Hi folks,
Waj here again with the round up of the month. Now you might think what with my last few posts it's always the humans that are having the fun and nothing out of the ordinary happens to us dogs. Normally you would be right, but a big thing happened in April "THE SUN CAME OUT". This makes our humans think of new things to try and one of them was to start walking to the pub in the village of Llangwm, called the Cottage Inn. Mum and Dad decided they were going to walk over and walk back but then realised it was quite a long way to walk up the big hill after a couple of beers. As those have you who have walked the valley know, you have to walk down the hill then up the hill the other side and the same coming back. Soooo, Mum had this bright idea of taking the quad bike down into the valley floor, climbing the hill the other side to the pub, then on the way back they'd only got to walk down the hill and they would have a lift back! "Simples" as that small furry thing on the TV says, except nothing is "simples" when our family is involved! We started off down the hill, I had to walk the whole way of course, they said it was good for my waistline, Cheek! Parked the quad at the bottom and off we trog to the pub for a couple of games of pool and a few drinky poos. Luckily this pub is dog friendly throughout, so we went in the bar and I had a bit of a rest while they played pool.......................

Well you didn't think I'd want to watch did you? Then several drinks later they decide to trog back home and made their merry way back to the Quad and guess what? Dad couldn't find the key as he'd dropped in somewhere in the field! Hee hee, I was laughing so much cos they then both had to walk home like me, all up that hill! Mum was not amused I can tell you and then Dad had to go down with a torch and look for the said key. Luckily he found it again, as he guessed it had jumped out of his pocket when he got the lead out for me.
Then we went to Marloes, ..................well Poppy and I went to Marloes, none of those naughty whippitie persons went. You probably remember the report of our last trip to the beach (after the Wag dog food) and can I say this trip was just as unsuccessful! Firstly Marloes is down a long dusty track and it was hot..............

wait for me Dad!! It's toooo hot..................................
Poppy's hot too

We were  looking forward to our dip in the sea as it was soooo hot! Nearly there, Mum cummon catch up!

But as usual, disaster befalls, as when we approached the beach we could see there wasn't one! The tide was right in and all we could see was a bit of shingle and loads of rocks. Also, the world, his wife and all their dogs were on the rocks too, obviously waiting for the tide to go out! Me being not the most social of dogs in the face of all those people, they decided not to wait around, and we had to trog all the way back up the path in the heat again! Think I'll go back to the pub next time! Phoebe did get to go to the pub once last month too, but she went in the car with Mum while Dad rode that white horse thing Fey and met her down there. My turn next then!
Now on to the human trips last month, they arranged a boat trip for Anty Llyn Chapman to see the birds on Skomer. Anty Llyn loves all birds and after living down here for some years has never been to the coast, so Mum decided to remedy that. As usual our family being very sociable all wanted to go, so in the end 10 of them went. It was raining when they first started out but then it dried up, here they are on the boat..............

 A lovely sunset as they motored back, or whatever the marine technical term is!

They saw lots of seabirds, about 100 odd seals on the beach and lots of Puffins which were what Mum and Dad particularly wanted to see. Eight of them then went to the Taj Mahal and had a lovely meal, so lovely in fact that they didn't bring a doggy bag home!
Then Mum and Dad did another first and went to the National Botanical Gardens of Wales over Easter. Although everything was not in full bloom, they still had a nice day.

There were four memorable dates in April too, Faith and Kishka's birthday which I told you about in my last blog, but also my birthday which was on Wed 27th April, when I was six! Mum sang happy birthday, when I say sang, I mean the term very loosely! I had a rather nice jumbone too, as a special treat! Then Saturday night it was Mum and Dad's 17th Wedding anniversary so off they went to their usual haunt, can you guess? Yes of course they went to the Greek restaurant, Mykonos in Tenby again, they are nothing if not predictable my humans, here they are enjoying a Keo and the Retsina wine.
Anyway, that's all the news for now, catch you soon!
Waj x