Monday, September 23, 2013

A busie Summer!

Helloo Fly ere, I az had a loverlee few weaks since me leggie got betta and az Mr P menshunned last time, I now az a frend called Pip to play wiv hoo iz mor me own size. We av bin to de beech agin but dis time we took Pip, dis waz hiz furst time on de beech and he runned arowned a lot and we ad a lot of play fightin an a bit of diggin!
Me an Pip at de beech

We av bin to de pub toogethr az well ere is me on de seet havin a kip, well it wuz a long walkie over dere an I onli got ickle leggies!
Me at de pub!
I az allso bin wiv Anty Donna and Uncy Blitzy down in de vallee and we wuz playin in a muddie puddel and i got veri durty! Mummi sez dat lots of hoomans payz to av mud bafs cuz it makes theer skin soft, well I ad a mudd baf for free! I dident av de mudd baf on fur long tho, cuz mummi sayed dat I wusnt getting in hur bed wiv all dat mudd so I ad to av a propur baf.
Muddie me!
 Den me an Pip went to de beeg cowntie show wiv mum an dad. We shared a big beaf rowl an I watched de hosses jumpin ova fings, it rayned a bit so I ad a cowt an Pip dident so he hyd unda de bench.

It az bin a busie summer an me an de rest of de pack av bin spendin a lot of time in de gardin sunbathin and playin, ere iz me an Pip sunbathin on de deckin. We av ad lots of nise visiters an sum barbeequeues an I met me frend Fern who I az onli seed on de internettle fingy. we ad a gud game of catch butt I cudnt catch her az she wuz too faste.
Me an Pip havin a sunbathe
 We az also dun a lot of playin catch in dis feeld cuz it az lots of gras, it iz gud fun too!
Our luvly feeld

Havin a rest!
Anyways dat is all fur now, Mr P sez mummi and daddi ar goin away sumwhere soon an yung Jason iz goin to luk afta us, dat shud be fun. Time fur me an Pip to hav a kip befor our aftanoon dogrun! Az Mr.P sez, catch yoos later!
Luv Fly x