Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"The Stick"

Hello dear readers,

Firstly I hear you thinking doesn’t he mean "The Stig?” As you are probably all aware, a new series of Top Gear has started. This means that all the car mad members of our household are glued in front of the screen at 8pm on Sunday, well...actually ....... that’s all of them then!

Just to keep you up to date with our own pimped up rides, here is Mum's new purchase, again off Ebay which looks like this.....................
Mum's MGF Trophy.

Not quite big enough to take the doggie gang out in you may think and you'd be right, as it's only got two seats! However, Lucy managed to get a ride in it, but unfortunately only to the vets! They thought the open top and subsequent fresh air would help her travel sickness, but it didn’t work and luckily they had a towel to catch the vomit in! It turned out to be a scratched eye ball and after a few drops she was as right as rain (though why rain should be right, I don't know, not that keen on it myself actually!).

As you already know from the post hospital drive post, they have another yellow car which looks like this...................
Dad's MGZS 180.
and last week ended with a full complement of yellow as Dad bought a yellow van off Ebay to take us all out in! Here is our new dog mobile.............
and from the rear..................................

Trendy or what? Dig the blacked out windows personally, so that us famous bloggers can go places incognito! What actually happened and the reason we got the van in the first place, was that it was time for the Mitsubishi Pajero to get it’s yearly MOT. The Pajero is ok to go out in, but it is a bit cramped with seven (now we have Phoebe) as it is only a short wheel base.
Dad thought it couldn’t possibly pass the MOT without spending a grand or so on it, so he found this nice van on Ebay and bid for it . He left the Pajero down at the local garage for an estimate on how much it would be to get it through the MOT, within two days it was back with another years MOT total cost £272 a fraction of what they thought it would cost so that was not at all bad! So we are sitting here at the moment with Jason's car, and two vehicles each for Mum and Dad! The yard looks like a car mart!

Anyway, I can hear you all thinking what about this stick? Well here is the stick!
Notice the loosely tied string round it and you can guess from this, that it didn’t start out in life as a stick! Can you tell what it is yet? Loosely may also give you a clue to the chief suspect. Let me give you a clue…………I'll let her tell you herself!

Oooo me?

Ello Lucy ere, I az bin norty and so az Feebs! Mumi bort dis fing home what she wuz goin to get de cobwebs down wiv. It lookid like a chickin so we fort we ad beter av a gude look at it. Feebs fetchid it off de tabel and we ad a bit ofa game wiv it!
it wuz a gude game until Dadi cum in an cawt us, it wuz diffycult to deeny 'cuz we ad fevvers in de bed! In fact dere wer fevvers everiwere!
Anty Bear wuz NOT impresed, aniwun wuld fink shes never dun anythin norty!
I also ad a smak de uver day as Keo was playin on de bed an I wuz sleepin under de doovey. I growels at her cos I is tyred and want to sleep, but she keept boverin me so's I leeps out of de bed groweling an snappin loike a turtel at her and foun it wuz Dad playin wiv me insted, lukily I just missd is nose! Gude job I wuznt in de dawg hawse for long! Nice to tawk to you's all for a chainge, Lucy x
I think that's all we need to hear from that dratted whippet, just about time to have a lay down before tea time.
Catch you later, (the now driven in style) Waljan x