Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Legend is Poorly!

Hi folks, Waljan here.
Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I haven't been a well dog. I have had a couple of episodes where I have lost the use of my legs (a bit like Mother after wine, lol!) Anyhow the first one was a bit scary and I whined a bit but was ok after a while. The second one was Monday as I came lolloping up the garden and I suddenly fell down and couldn't get up again. Daddy came over and was very upset, so I cuddled him a bit while he told mum to phone the VET, I don't like the VET!
The next thing she is coming down the garden with a big blanket to put me on to carry me to the van, (well I am 46 kilos!) Soo, at this point I decided that I wasn't going anywhere yet, so legged it back into the house and back into the safety of the bedroom! I have been in and out since, but I am very wobbly and am not my usual self. Apparently there in nothing the VET can do as I am very old for a big dog and have lots of lumps and bumps.
Anyway, enough of me I'll let that young blighter Fly catch you up with the news while I have a rest. She is actually quite a nice little thing as she always pops into my room to say hello, give me a lick and to see how I'm doing, anyways here she is.
Poorly me!
Hallooo Fly hear,  furstly the howse is gone, look!
Going, going.........

Lol, luk at that Jayson in de hole! He is funni! I haz bin doin more flyball and we iz all now doin box turns, wel I am sumtimes hee, hee, luk at this........

That wuz our teem startin wiv Jasper de Patterdail, Pip, Tess de colly, Rosie de jack rustle, then Meeee and Lexa anover colly. We az been to sum more compititions and wun sum more bits of ribun that mummi calls rossets. This is mi Blooper!!!

LOL, knew it wuz ther sumwheres!!
Dad and Jayson hav also bin busi. They and dave hav renova-ted the cottage at de frount and made a biger gardin.......

Windows hav bin re-placed and de beems painted whyte, kitchen an bafroom hav bin updayted too!
Uncell Andy haz also had hiz hip re-placed wiv sumfing cer-am-ic, urgh sownds nasty! So Raydar came to stay four a bit.
Dad an a possessed Raydar
He haz gon home now thow. I fink dat is all i need to tell yous, I'll end wiv a pictur of Pip in de caravan when we went two flyball last an me an me big frends Donna and Blitzen catchin sum rays on owr sunbed. Donna haz not bin allowed to run az she haz bin SPADE watever that iz, but she iz better now.
Catching sum rays
De flyballin waz in a nice place in Wilt shire (didnt see no Wilt's tho) but mummi did sea her furst ever king-fisher in de wild as it wur.
Pip in de caravan
Anyways I iz off now and I will keep yous updated abowt Mr P.

Luv Fly x