Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New toy and the incredible shrinking bed

Hi folks,
Well the last couple of weeks have been a bit miserable but really I can't keep it up for too long so I thought I'd find something different to play with. Our main toy freak is Poppy who will disembowel ANY fluffy toy within a day. This is a bit inconvenient for me as I like to chew for a while but mainly throw it up in the air and catch it again. So, I found this, which I might add Kish helped me chew a bit..................

Can you see what it is yet?

Well it is in fact a lawnmower engine cover which has now had the full restyling treatment by both myself and colleague in restyling Kishka Klein! Anyway, after all this hard work (as it was quite thick plastic!), I thought I would go and have a lie down on my own bed for a short sleep before dogrun and all of a sudden it didn't fit anymore! I'm sure it was ok when I got out of it this morning. Look, see what I mean?

The mystery of the incredible shrinking bed..........hmm........wonder if I could turn it into a book?

Anyway, all for now I have something exciting to show you soon, so keep posted.

Waj x

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sad news.

Hi Folks,

Well, we've had a very sad few weeks here. Hestia was taken ill about three weeks ago and had to go to the V.E.T, she had problems breathing and the V.E.T said it was something called a pleural effusion which meant that her chest was filling up with fluid making it hard to breathe. Dad took her all the way up to a specialist V.E.T in Gloucester where they had to drain the fluid off her chest and analyse it. Well as it happens they said she had a condition called chylothorax where the lymphatic system was leaking and that's way her chest was filling with fluid. There wasn't anything they could do, so poor Hess went to the V.E.T on Saturday (on her second birthday) and didn't come back. Everyone has been very sad since then, even I have been a quiet boy as I didn't want to upset anyone. Not sure how long I can keep it up mind, though I do miss Hestia.Anyway that's the bad news of the week and here's a photo of Hess in memoriam.

Love Waj x