Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Talk to the collar!

Hiya folks,

Here is the latest news and also must share a funny moment with you from last week. Pharoah and her folks, Graham and Fly came down to stay, and it appears much fun was had by her and pals Dune, Rowan and Topaz, especially on their trips to the beach! Some luurverly photo's on .

On Thursday, Kath and Hal came down to stay one night with Fly and Graham and bought their dogs, Manta, Muffin and Daisy. Luce was in her element as she had a whale of a time with Muffin and Daisy who were able to keep up and even overtake her running round the garden being those small whippety things, like Luce, who can turn in an instant. Not I might add like moi, who needs at least half a field stopping distance! Manta was a lot more sedate for a lurcher but we found out after he wasn't feeling too good so hope you're feeling better now mate!

Mum had a barbeque on the Thursday and at one point there was 14 dogs in the garden! Grace & Paddy with their folks Sue and Bry, Manta, Muffin and Daisy, our gang Faith, Beryl, Poppy, Lucy et moi (Kish was in disgrace agin so left in the bedroom!). Then Andy bought down his lurchers Calvin, Hugo and Zara and his Welsh German shepherd Magic. I didn't mix much as I lay on my bed the entire time and had various visitors fuss me in passing. Everyone else got on really well as sighthounds do mostly and there was a sharing of sausages.

Anyway, back to the funny moment. As you know, I am currently in the throws of an unsociable stage, so haven't bothered getting off my bed to greet anyone for a little while. On Wednesday, Pharoah's Dad Graham comes in the garden to ask Mum where the nearest Chinese is, so she tells him, I appear briefly at the door as I thought it might be time for the dogrun. She says "Oh you haven't met Waljan yet have you?" and promptly legs it up the stairs to drag me out. She grabs hold of the collar, I back out of it rather swiftly for my size and leave the collar in her hand, disappearing in a cloud of dust back to the bedroom! Graham then meets "the collar"! So folks, in future if you want me for anything just "talk to the collar!"

Waj x

Monday, May 08, 2006

Ladies and seasons!

Well, Grace, Pharoah and friends have arrived safely and have been to the beach today. Aren't they lucky? We just went on the same old dogrun round the fields. Pharoah I might add is very spectacular looking and her paws are very pretty indeed, I can see why they call her the Phabulous! Gracie is very gorgeous too.

Talking about ladies, Beryl actually came with us on the dogrun today, the first time for a week. She had been going seperately as she is in SEASON! Not knowing what this was until the last fortnight, I had a bit of an eye opener. Cor, that smell, enough to drive a chap wild! Anyway, I leaped about and posed and made all sorts of chattering noises with my teeth (which I didn't realise I could do!). In the end they seperated us and Bear has lived in the bedroom for the last week and going out for seperate walks. WHAT SPOILSPORTS! I could still smell her through the door though, so I have been sat outside just in case someone accidentally left the door open. Anyway, we're back to normal now, but I can tell you my testosterone has taken a boost!

The building work is finished and here it is in the final stages..............................

Can you see what it is now?

Well, apart from Lucy using it as a slide, it is in fact a frame to hold solar panels to heat the swimming pool! Can't think why they've bothered 'cos although I like swimming, I bet they won't let me use it! I suppose I'll have to use the freeezzing cold irrigation pond as usual!

Anyway, must be off, it's nearly time for our evening stroll up the lane. Wonder if we'll see any bunnies tonight?

See you soon, Waj x