Friday, November 22, 2013

Mum and Dad's annual jaunt.

Hi Folks,
Waljan here again, now feeling cooler after the hot summer we had, can't leave my blog to that young whippersnapper Fly for too long, she'll be taking over!
As she mentioned in the last post, we were left in the care of young Jason while Mum and Dad went on their annual jaunt to somewhere hot. This time instead of going to their usual haunt of Pefkos in Rhodes, they decided to return to Kardemena in Kos where they last went in 1999.
Now I personally don't see the point of jetting off somewhere hot, can't stand the heat myself as I'm too hairy! Talking about which, Anty Karen was due to give me a trim but me Dad did it instead with a pair of clippers. Actually, he didn't make too bad a job of it for a beginner, but as you know I am camera shy so I'm not going to show you what it looks like....
Go away with that camera!
Ha, anyway I digress! Apparently they had a really good time, while the two little whippety persons were playing young Jason up. It was soooo funny, cos there they were, both looking the picture of innocence until young Jason went out, then anything was fair game! During the week they had a whole kitchen roll, the TV remote (again) and various shoes. They also managed to get on the dining table, chew up a couple of pens (ink everywhere) and also Jason's list of instructions on what programs to record for them during the week and the feeding and walking times! Silly boy had left a chair pulled out from under the table! Me Mum and Dad know to leave the chairs well tucked under and all other things out of reach! Naughty little blighters!
Who us?
Here's a couple of pictures of our humans on holiday:
The Sunbeam where they had breakfast most mornings
Exploring the ruins in Kos town

Highest point of the Island

The hotel where they had a top floor room overlooking the sea
Restaurant overlooking Paradise Beach
Just while I'm mentioning Paradise Beach, I should tell you that Mum says it is also known as Bubble Beach. This is because in certain areas in the sea, volcanic activity under the sand causes bubbles to rise up through the water and it's like swimming in a giant jacuzzi. They saw it last time they went and were keen to repeat the experience, I think I would quite like that myself, I'm a very keen swimmer especially if it's hot, don't fancy the plane trip though!
Apart from that, everything has ticked by since the last blog and it's November already. The November gang (you know who you are) have been and gone and a lot of fun was had by all, including a day out at the beach for the younger dogs, which I think Maddie is going to tell you about. Also, our old lady Poppy had to have a tooth out and a dental which she was a bit grumpy about but she's fine now.
Grumpy Poppy!
Anyway that's all the news from me for now, I shall leave Fly to tell you about her new experience learning flyball sooon!
Catch you later,
Waj x