Monday, April 23, 2012

An eventful walk!

Hello, Donna here again (with Mr P’s permission I might add!) to update you on a bit of a shocking event on our amble to the pub. As you know Mum and Dad quite often take an amble over to the local pub in the village which is a nice half an hour walk across the fields. Us puppies always go but the others take it in turns up to a maximum of four, this time Mum decided to take Lucy Lou and Phoebe. The only thing Mum did different this time was that we had had our dinner at 6.10 but didn’t go walking till 7 so long enough for our dinners to go down as Mum worries about something called bloat which is not nice for running dogs.
We had all had a fabulous time chasing bunnies and running about like mad things. Anyhow, we were in the last field just before the village when Lucy disappeared in the long grass, Mum thought she was having a roll in the grass to start with then suddenly realised she was having some sort of fit. The rest of us stood looking on concernedly while Mum panicked away trying to bring her round from it. After what appeared an eternity, she staggered to her feet still gasping. Torn about what to do, they decided to try and walk her to the road to call Jason to fetch them. As soon as they got to the roadside, down she went again with another fit, this time one eye was shut and her tongue was turning blue, it was all very scary really. Jason was phoned again to hurry up, the V.E.T was called and arranged to meet at the surgery, then we were all bundled in the car and off we shot.
We stayed in the car with Jason and Mum and Dad rushed Lucy in. They were in there ages and ages as apparently she had had another slight fit in there while waiting for the diazepam to kick in (we found out later that’s some sort of drug) ooh err our Aunty Lucy on drugs? By the time they came out it was nearly 10pm and no one of the humans had eaten so they stopped at the Chinese takeaway on the way home to get something to eat. By this time, Luce was drugged up to the eyeballs and falling all over the car as she wouldn’t keep still, when they got home and got the Chinese out she was trying to jump on the table to get at the food and at one point tried to jump on the cooker! The V.E.T had told them that the drugs she’d had would make her hungry so they were semi prepared for her trying to get on the table, but not for the cooker leap! About 10.45, she finally succumbed to the drugs and dropped off to sleep.
The next day she had to go in and have bloods taken, which all turned out to be clear which was a good thing, but she is now on some more drugs called Epiphen which is making her quite spaced out and she looks at us all funny sometimes, so Blitz and I are playing on our own at the moment and leaving her alone. Luckily, she has only had one slight turn since then, but nothing like that night. It is strange that she has got to six and never had a fit before, but Lisa the V.E.T said they can come out of the blue, the only thing we hope it’s not is a brain tumour but we are waiting to see if she has anymore before opting for a scan.
Anyway we are all looking forward now to Dad’s party and hoping there will be some food left for us and I’m sure Mr P will give you a catch up soon.

Donna doobags