Sunday, January 29, 2006

This month I have been mostly (and Beryl!)

Hi folks,

Sorry about the lack of photo's on the last blog, Mummy lost the lead connecting the camera to the computer! Thought I was going to have the same problem today but no, 'cos Jason just found it buried in his tip, otherwise known loosely as "a bedroom". It's just as well he found it as I have some things to show you.

Firstly the artistry involved in flip flop work! It's always best to use the expensive ones 'cos they're easier to work with, especially as you can see the surf wear ones......................that's Billabong and of course O'Neill!

Of course, then there are the more expensive variety, leather is always a good material to work with. You don't get those plasticy bits in your teeth like you do with flip flops!

From right to left

Jason work shoes, sort of suede. They threw the first one out, as it was in so many pieces and actually GAVE me the other one! I practised a bit and when inch perfect, made the first inroads into Mummy's Clarke's walking boots (2nd pair) which were waterproof!I actually nearly made it into a mule, the picture doesn't do it justice! Notice how I cunningly style one, and leave the other! No pair is ever exactly the same, that's the beauty of my work. Wonder if I could mount an exhibition?

The last pair are Hush Puppies. These apparently were bought after I destroyed the last pair of Mummy's work shoes and kept in work to change into (and away from moi!). Well she bought them home last weekend, accidentally, as she forgot to change out of them and bingo! Restyled ala Waj, minimum of damage, but enough to get noticed (due to all the white foam emerging). Needless to say there has been a bit of blue air but what can you do? If they will leave them on the floor!

Lastly there was Bear. Well what can I say? I was giving Kish a bit of a bite and a wrestle just as we went through the gate. Kish ran off and through the fence so I thought Bear might like to oblige me instead. Of course when I fastened my teeth on her side, (she has a lot less fat and fur than Kish) I accidentally made a hole in her side. Well if looks could kill! And what a drama queen! Flinching when you go near her, groaning, and moaning, good job it's all healed up now! Won't do THAT again in a hurry!

Well it's nearly tea time, I can smell the chicken from here, Yum Yum.

Bye for now, Waj x

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th and cats!

Hi all, here I am again on Friday the 13th, oooo, errrr!

Apparently Mum says some people think it can be an unlucky day, (as if you really believe that!). I think that the unluckiest I am going to be is when I go out for my walk this afternoon and as it's raining I will get wet and my coat will go curly! Oh no, just thought the worst nightmare what if they've run out of food? That would certainly be unlucky for me!

Anyway, guess where I went last week? Auntie Lisa from the GAP asked Mummy to do a home check visit locally for a puppy they are homing. As the little chap was a deerhound cross, I thought it was only reasonable to go with them and show the prospective parents how big he might end up! Kirsten and Mike were very nice and thought I was very handsome. Mike even got down on the floor with me and gave me a fuss so I did him my speciality for him, a quick ear wash out! Apparently the new pup will be arriving there Sunday, so I will look forward to meeting him!

They did have some strange cats though, well I thought so (not having come across many as yet!). One was giving me an eyeball to eyeball stare out in the kitchen, the other stayed upstairs and glared at me through the bannisters. Weird things! But, at least OUR cat doesn't mind me nosing her!

Talking about cats, when I first arrived I thought ours was a strange shaped dog, but according to Faith (the cat expert!)they are all different. Ours comes out with our pack for a walk (just like a dog) and pounces on poor Poppy (the JRT). She can't do that to me, 'cos I'm too big and was luckily too big to jump on even as a puppy! All our pack know we are not allowed to chase our cat, in fact, we know we are not meant to chase ANY cat, but Faith and a couple of the others pretend deafness when they see one. Apparently it's called "selective hearing". She banged her eye on a tree last time she chased one and was grounded for three days! I can't be bothered myself as I'm not built for sprinting!

Well, it's nearly time for our wet afternoon walk, speak soon, Waj x